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Pre-Order Gifts & Giveaway

Do you like to read?

Do you like getting gifts?

Do you like doing good?

Then do I have an opportunity for you!

If you pre-order a copy of my new book, Farewell to Hollywood, you will receive a thank you gift bundle that includes a bookmark, a signed bookplate, and free registration to join Team Hollywood in Stop Traffic Walk San Diego.










You don't have to be in the San Diego area, you don't even have to walk. In fact, there is no obligation for you at all...your pre-order is your participation. When you add your name to Team Hollywood, you are taking a stand against human trafficking.

I am so honored to partner with Stop Traffic Walk San Diego in their fight against human trafficking. A portion of the proceeds from every pre-order of Farewell to Hollywood will be donated to Stop Traffic Walk San Diego to help fund programs for survivors and raise awareness of human trafficking.

Pre-order Farewell to Hollywood now and together we can make a difference!

Simply send me confirmation of your me a photo, DM a screenshot, post it on social media & tag me, whatever words best for you...and I will send your thank you goodies to you!

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Join Team Hollywood and take a stand against

human trafficking

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30-Day Devotional!

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