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Michelle's Bookshelf

Farewell Cover.jpg

The Emotional Conclusion to the Red Carpet Romance Series.

Successful corporate lawyer Kate Sullivan still carries scars from the car accident that killed her little sister. Five years ago, she fled Los Angeles to the East Coast to escape the memories of the man who was driving the other car. But now that she is back in LA, now that she has seen his face, she won’t stop until she finds him, even if that means breaking the heart of the man who has information she needs.

Movie director Chris Johnston wants to do more than make films about explosions and aliens. He puts his career and his reputation on the line to make a documentary about human trafficking. He had planned on making the film alone, until a feisty and stubborn East Coast lawyer offers to help. But he risks more than his career when Kate joins his production company…he risks his heart as well.

From the beaches of Malibu to the studios of Hollywood, Farewell to Hollywood is a story of forgiveness, love, and the power of God's grace.

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God is greater than our biggest dreams and present in our smallest needs. There is nothing beyond His power, and nothing beyond His reach. He is the God of the universe and eternity, and He is also your God. When we study the names God has given Himself, we learn that God is...






and so much more!


Take a thirty-day devotional journey into the names of God, what they mean, and how they can draw you closer to the God who loves you.


Reunite with the Shaw Family in Book 2 of the Red Carpet Romance Series.

Noah Shaw is almost thirty and he still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up. Torn between running his business as a limo driver for Hollywood's elite, and feeling called to ministry, he prays for direction. But he never expects that direction to include finding a woman near-death on the front steps of his father's church.

Hannah left her family and her faith when she moved to Hollywood looking for adventure. Instead of finding fame in the movies, she was lured into the life of an exotic dancer. Hopeless and ashamed, suicide seems like her only escape. Until the night Noah saves her life. When the shadows of her former life threaten to expose her past, she must choose between running away or fighting for the new life she's built and the man she's grown to love.


Misison Hollywood -

Winner of a 2020 Maggie Award

Praise for Mission Hollywood

This tender story of love despite the odds and faith during life’s difficulties will be a sure hit for fans of inspirational romance.

Kellie M. Parker

2018 Daphne du Maurier Winner

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You Are...

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A failed author turned stay-at-home mom snaps. Tossing her yoga pants and ditching her carpool, she escapes suburban life to write the next Great American Novel…or at least, finish a draft.


In a secluded mountain cabin with nothing but her laptop and an endless supply of coffee, she writes the story of Lucia, a faithful woman from the eighteenth century who’s determined to live life by her own rules. But the eccentric locals, a stream of new story ideas, and a suitcase full of doubt threaten to sabotage the book. Can she push through to resurrect her dreams or does being a mom mean leaving it all behind?


Alternating between laugh-out-loud and ugly-cry inducing moments, Light on Glass is a humorous and heartbreaking look at writing, motherhood, and the love we leave behind.

A Hollywood bad boy. A pastor's daughter. What could possibly go wrong?

Rocked by scandal, his career in jeopardy, movie star Ben Prescott agrees to volunteer at a small Hollywood church. When he meets Lily Shaw, Ben must risk his career to follow his heart, but Lily wants the one thing he doesn’t have: faith


Mission Hollywood is an inspirational story about love, faith, and second chances.

mkpoet 1.jpg

God knows you. He knows everything about you. He knows your hopes and your dreams, your deepest secrets and your greatest wounds. He knows who you are and He has called you…






And so much more!

Take a thirty-day devotional journey to learn about the names God has given you, what they mean, and how they can change your life.

Shared Courage is Michelle's story of being married to a United States Marine during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Follow Michelle and her husband Paul from their wedding day through his two deployments to Iraq at the start of the war.

Unflinchingly honest, often humorous and occasionally heartbreaking, Shared Courage is the story of one family's life of war, reunion and duty.

From an Amazon 5-star review:


"I stumbled upon this book in an internet search and I am SO glad I did! As a military wife, I appreciate Michelle getting our story out there! I've been through so many of the same experiences she writes about. I laughed and cried through the whole story. And although most of the reviews here are military wives saying they loved it, I believe that anyone, even non-military readers, will enjoy it for what it is; an honest, open look into the lives of so many families who sacrifice so much for their country."

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